Cotton/Acrylic Blanket

  • Materials: 51% Cotton/ 49% Outlast acrylic PCM fiber
  • Sizes: Throw (50"x72"), Twin (66"x96"), Queen (90"x96") and King (108"x96")
  • Colors: Sagebrush, Natural, Sky Blue and Dark Chocolate
  • Price: $69.99-$149.99
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Perfect for those warm day/cool night when you want to throw off the chill of crisp air without the heavy insulating qualities of wool. It's the perfect way to feel "cozy" when it isn't really all that cold, or when there's a little chill or draft in the air that just leaves your fingers and toes feeling just a bit too cold. We leave a throw over the back of each living room chair, and leave our windows open for fresh air while watching late night TV.

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