The PrettyCool Deluxe PillowCover

  • Materials: 350 thread count 50% cotton/ 50% Outlast® Viscose over an underlayer of Outlast® Gold-rated PCM fabric, for an overall rating that exceeds the Outlast® Gold standard; filled with 100% polyester fiberfill.
  • Sizes: Standard (21"x27"), Queen (21"x31"), King (21"x37")
  • Price: $69.00-$89.00 (per pair)
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We love our PrettyCool Pillow's thermal regulation, but we understand there is more to a pillow than ideal temperature control. Pillows are a very individual choice. So if you have found the perfect pillow for you, we can give you the best of both worlds - your favorite pillow and ideal thermal regulation. Our deluxe pillowcovers have the highest Gold+ rating for thermal regulation to match our Deluxe Mattress Pad - much than the pillowcases in our sheet sets.

The area around your head is subject to more temperature variation because you have bare skin exposed to the air, so it is doubly important to have excellent thermal regulation in the surrounding material.

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